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Electrical Socket Install

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Do you need more electrical sockets?

As we continue to increase the amount of technology we use, we can end up without enough electrical sockets in our homes. And if the sockets we do have are outdated, they might not be able to take the loads of all the new devices we use.

It’s always best to have an electrician install new sockets in your home, as electricity is dangerous if it’s not handled correctly. An electrician can use an existing socket to draw power from to add a new socket to the other side of the same wall, or they can install an entirely new socket somewhere else in your home. The second option is more invasive, but it means that you can have a new socket exactly where you want it.

Fill in the form above and we will get you in touch with up to 4 trusted local electricians who will contact you to arrange an appointment. When they have been to visit your property they will be able to give you advice and offer possible solutions. They’ll then give you a free no obligation quote, so you can decide which electrician offers the best deal for you. All our electricians hold public liability insurance and you can view reviews from past customers about their service. Always do your research on a contractor before giving them the job.

Are you an electrician that installs new sockets?

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