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House Rewiring

Find electricians to rewire your home

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What is rewiring?

Rewiring is when electrical wiring is taken out and replaced. This is usually because wiring is either faulty or too old. Faulty wiring can be a dangerous fire hazard and lead to electrocution or injury. Wiring that is too old, usually over 25 years, may appear to be working well but is not designed for heavy modern use. It is therefore important to check the condition of your wiring and replace it if necessary. You might also need to rewire part or all of your home if you are changing the room layout or adding an extension.

If you’re not sure how old the wiring in your house is, you can get a rough idea by taking a look at the wires around the consumer unit. If the wiring around the electricity metre and fuse box is old-fashioned or damaged, it may need replacing. Old-fashioned sockets and switches are also another sign that your house might need rewiring.

Fill in the form above and we will connect you with up to 4 trusted electricians in your area. They will be able to let you know if part or all of your home needs rewiring, and give you a free quote. You can access reviews written by previous customers to help you decide which one is best for you. All of our electricians are insured and registered with a trade body, so you can be sure that whoever you choose is qualified and safe.

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