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Expert Witness Electrician

Find an expert witness electrician now

Fill in the form below to find an expert witness electrician that can help resolve any disputes. We’ll put you in touch with up to 4 reliable electricians so you can decide who can provide the best expert witness service for your needs.

Why would I need an expert witness electrician?

If you’ve had a bad experience with an electrician, you can raise a dispute with them if they fail to put the work right. If this is the case, you may need to hire an experienced electrician who can act as an expert witness.

An expert witness will discuss the situation with you and give you an independent opinion on what your options are. The expert witness can produce a report on the matter so you have evidence of what the issues are, and you can use this in court. Hopefully, if you use an expert witness you will be able to avoid having to take the matter to court.

Fill in the form above to get in touch with up to 4 electricians who can offer their services as an expert witness. All our electricians hold public liability insurance and are registered with a trade organisation such as NAPIT, NICEIC or SELECT.

You can have initial discussions with them so you can decide what your requirements are. All our electricians have reviews on their service from previous customers so you can check whether they are reliable before you appoint them.

Are you a qualified electrician that offers an expert witness service?

If you are an electrician that offers an expert witness service and would like to be listed on Trusted Electricians, please click here.