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Fuse Box Replacement/Install

Find local electricians to install or replace your fuse box

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Why would you need a Fuse Box Replacement?

If you have an old fuse box, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is dangerous. An old fuse box will comply to the regulations that were the legal standard at the time of installation, but if that was a long time ago these regulations will be out of date.

If you have an old fuse box, you probably have old wiring, and this will wear out over time. The insulation will break down, which can be unsafe. Also, electrical screws can become loose which makes the wires loose, and this can be dangerous too.

An old fuse box won’t be able to cope with the new pressures of modern appliances and will not have all the safety measures installed in new boxes to cope with unsafe situations. So if you have an old fuse box, it’s always worth getting some quotes to see how much it will cost to get it replaced.

Fill in the form above and we will get you in touch with up to 4 trusted local electricians who will contact you to arrange an appointment for a fuse box replacement. When they have been to visit your property they will be able to give you advice and information about the state of your fuse box. They’ll then give you a free no obligation quote, so you can decide which electrician offers the best deal for you. All our electricians hold public liability insurance and you can view reviews from past customers about their service. Always do your research on a contractor before giving them the job.

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