Many people pay little attention to their electrical outlets and plug sockets. But old-fashioned electrical components can damage your property’s electrics and be a danger to you and your family.

Keep reading to learn why older electrical outlets need replacing.

1. Wires and outlets degrade

At around 5 years after they’ve been installed, wires and outlets can start degrading. When wiring gets older it settles, which means that individual wires can start to touch. This often leads to arcing, sparking and even fire.

This is why it’s a good plan to get your wiring inspected by a qualified electrician every few years.

2. Older outlets can overload

Nowadays, technology is progressing quickly and is being used more and more. If you have old-fashioned electrical components then they may not be able to deal with how much you use them.

If your electrical components can’t handle the demand then they could provide your appliances with the wrong amount of electricity. This might cause your lights to flicker or damage to your appliances.

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3. Older components don’t comply with safety regulations

The government published the most recent copy of UK wiring regulations in 2008. These stipulate that all electrical installations should have RCDs. Residual Current Devices, known as RCDs, control the power supply to your outlets and cut it off in dangerous situations. So if the outlet becomes overloaded or wet then an RCD will stop the electricity supply to prevent fire or injury. Electrical circuits that don’t have RCDs are a hazard and don’t comply with safety regulations.

Replacing your electrical components isn’t usually a tricky job. A professional electrician will not find it difficult to change your consumer unit, light switches or plug sockets. They’ll also be able to check if the rest of your installation complies with regulations.

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