If you’re a landlord, you have to make sure you keep up to date with your electrical inspections. Electricity is dangerous when left to its own devices, so it’s important that you keep your tenants safe.

It’s the landlord’s responsibility to make sure that the electrical installation and wiring is maintained. You could face a fine of up to £5000 if you don’t keep your tenants safe.

So how can you fulfill your legal responsibilities? The answer lies in electrical inspections and testing.

What are the different types of electrical installations in a home?

Fixed wiring

Fixed wiring is any wiring or any electrical equipment in the house that is permanent and can’t be moved.

Portable appliances

The clue is in the name – portable appliances are devices that you can move around and are usually plugged into electrical sockets.

Which electrical inspections are available to landlords?

Fixed wire testing

electrical inspectionsFixed wire testing, which produces an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), is vital to protect tenants in your rental properties.

An electrician will test the electrics in the property thoroughly. They will visually inspect the entire installation and then test the integrity of the wiring.

They may also dismantle some equipment and accessories to ensure that the installation is safe.

How much does it cost?

The average EICR will cost £100-£200 depending on the property, but it’s always best to get a range of quotes.

How often should I get an EICR?

You should get a full check every 5 years or at the change of occupancy, whichever is sooner.

Portable appliance testing PAT

If you have provided your properties furnished, it’s worth getting PAT (Portable Appliance) testing done.

It’s not mandatory, but it helps prove to your tenants that the appliances you’ve provided them with are safe to use.

An electrician will visually check the appliances and check insulation and other electrical issues.

How much does it cost?

You might be charged 80p per item, but if there are less than 100 items you might be given a site charge. Always get quotes to see what the best price is.

How often should I can PAT tests?

All appliances differ, so speak to your electrician to see what they recommend.

Are you clear on what electrical inspections you need to have done to be on the right side of the law? If you’re ready to get some quotes for your property or properties, fill in the form below.

Remember: Always seek advice from electricians and estate agents or solicitors to ensure you’re fulfilling your duties as a landlord with regards to electrical installations.

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